Sell your house or apartment

Sell your house or apartment
with Hoffmann

It is not always easy to let go of a house that treasures a multitude of memories and experiences. We are sure that in those walls you have lived unique moments, but you know that the time has come to take the step and look for something better or simply different. Life are stages, and we want to accompany you in this stage that you have decided to go through and that will allow you to sell your house with our team as the main guarantee to be able to close this chapter in the most successful way for you. 


More than a real estate agency dedicated to the sale of apartments in Barcelona, we are a qualified team that will accompany you at all times to ensure your satisfaction. For us it is not just another transaction: it is the joy of being able to meet your expectations, making your life easier by finding a buyer for your home.



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Selling your house or apartment fast in Barcelona

Although haste is not a good advisor, in truth our position is unbeatable and that allows us to find buyers for all types of houses, apartments and plots. Being located in the heart of Barcelona, many people come to us to buy the house of their dreams, which makes it easier for us to find the perfect match for your house. We always take into account the human side of what it means to sell a house. It is not just another transaction: it is the twilight of a chapter that, at the same time, begins a new one for the buyer.

We have accumulated years of proven experience with both national and international clients, from countries both in Europe and other continents, helping in whatever is necessary and even providing specific advice for the processing of the NIE or visa to the new owner. We make sure that everything runs smoothly, basing our dealings with our clients on collaboration and mutual understanding.
Much more than selling luxury homes

We work with all types of apartments, houses and plots. We do not only focus on luxury homes. In fact, a large part of our clientele is looking for an apartment in the center of Barcelona, so if you want to sell your house located in Barcelona city, you can come to us and we will offer you all the information you need.

We also work with properties located outside the urban core of Barcelona. Locations such as Castelldefels, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Sitges or Gavà are especially dynamic areas from the real estate point of view, where our team works to offer the best treatment during the whole process of selling houses. If you have any questions, just ask us and we will be happy to help you.
We appraise your property

To make sure that you enjoy the maximum profitability of your apartment, we offer you an appraisal service to value your property and put it on the market according to its real value.

But our property sale service does not take into account the economic aspect as a priority; knowing that it is important, we focus on your experience as our client who turns to us to start a new stage and who needs to know the real value of the property, he/she wants to put on sale. It is a service that we offer with all the guarantees.
Why selling your home with Hoffmann?

Because we take the decisions you make about your home very seriously. Both the fact of selling a house and the fact of buying it implies the materialization of a dream, the implementation of a life project in which we participate, and that motivates us to continue getting involved.

We remain faithful to our essence, basing the experience of selling an apartment on the values most intrinsically linked to the human aspect: trust, communication, understanding, comprehension, illusion. These are aspects that are implicit in the experience of selling a house, and our team works on the basis of them to make your expectations come true.

At the forefront of technology

We place a high value on creating experiences that people will remember. We are always searching for the best and most creative tools to improve our properties and convey a distinct narrative. With the use of specialized equipment like cinemagraphs, drones, Osmo cameras, and image specialists, we are able to capture the essence of each property and extend an invitation for you to come inside.

To make the best decision, there is nothing like visualizing the project you have in mind. That's why we capture, in great detail, the qualities of each property in our matterport, offering you an overview of each property, but without losing sight of those details that we know are so important.
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