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Buying and selling houses and apartments in Castelldefels


We are a real estate agency specialized in the purchase, sale and rental of properties on the Costa Brava, with properties in the beautiful city of Castelldefels. We have a team committed to offering personalized advice so that our clients can materialize their life project according to personal and family expectations and desires. We are here to guide you in the field of acquiring, selling or renting real estate and, of course, to help you make your dreams come true in the home you have always wanted to live in. Are you looking for a new home in Castelldefels or to sell your property? Tell us what you need. We make it possible.


Our locations

At Hoffmann you will find a real estate agency specialized in the purchase, sale and rental of houses and apartments in Castelldefels. Our agency is located in a central and privileged location, right on Paseo de Gracia, in Barcelona, ​​a perfect location to deploy our services throughout the Costa Brava.


In addition to Castelldefels, our other reference locations are Sitges, Sant Cugat de Vallés and, of course, Barcelona.

Attic in Castelldefels

The penthouses in Castelldefels are very attractive properties, mainly because of the views of the city, but also of the coast and the sea. This town, located just south of Barcelona, has an important coastline with privileged views of the Mediterranean. Discover the exclusivity and charm of penthouses in Castelldefels, a unique residential opportunity in a privileged environment.

<span>Attic</span> in Castelldefels

Luxury houses in Castelldefels

<span>Luxury</span> houses in Castelldefels

If in your life project you imagine residing in a luxury house in Castelldefels, we want you to fulfill your dream. Share with us your idea, your needs and those services that you imagine being able to enjoy in a luxury home. We will show you the most spectacular houses, adapted to your needs and with all the comforts so that you can enjoy a quiet and carefree life with your loved ones.


Buy a house in Castelldefels

If you want to buy a house in Castelldefels, you have come to the right place. At Hoffmann we have a network of real estate agents who know perfectly each of the urban areas in which they operate, and this city is no exception. We have a large number of luxury homes in Castelldefels and also homes for tighter budgets so you can choose the home that best suits your needs, expectations and lifestyle. You just have to contact us to tell us about your expectations and we will offer you those homes that best suit you.
Sell house in Castelldefels

Do you want to sell your house in Castelldefels? We strive to achieve the most satisfactory price for all our customers. We have an appraisal service in which we innovate by introducing the most advanced technologies to enhance the value of properties, such as recording UHD videos in 4K or the use of our Matterport services to make a more immersive and detailed experience of each home. facing buyers. Thus, you will be able to sell your house in Castelldefels as quickly as possible, at the best price and with maximum satisfaction.
Buy an apartment in Castelldefels

Likewise, if you are also considering buying an apartment in Castelldefels, we have a wide range of apartments that you can visit in great detail, both on site and through today's most immersive and innovative technologies. We focus on the more human side because we know that buying a home is a decision that is linked to the life project, dreams and personal emotions. Therefore, we are aware that you have to have everything very clear before deciding and for this reason, we accompany you and advise you throughout the entire process to help you make the most appropriate decision.
Apartments and houses for rent in Castelldefels

Discover a wide variety of apartments and houses for rent in Castelldefels, a coastal city with Mediterranean charm. Whether you have a property that you want to rent or if you are a person who has decided to reside for a while in beautiful Castelldefels, we are the meeting point for landlords and tenants who want to achieve their goals. Our rentals in Castelldefels offer comfort, functionality and quality of life. We have a wide range of rental houses and apartments where you can choose the property that best suits your current life project.

Property appraisal service in Castelldefels

We offer you our home appraisal service in Castelldefels, with which, as a seller, you can make the most of the possibilities of your house or apartment. We have technical professionals and the most up-to-date instruments to enhance the value of your property and delve deeper into its history. We produce 4K UHD videos within our home appraisal services in Castelldefels. Additionally, we use cameras such as cinemagraphs and drones to contextualize the environment and create a more immersive 3D experience with our Matterport services.



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Hoffmann Agency: What sets us apart?

Our close and exclusive treatment of our clients, as well as our close values of empathy, closeness, and familiarity, undoubtedly make the difference. We have years of experience and we know how important it is to listen to the wishes of each of our clients in relation to their expectations and life plans for the future. We are in charge of accompanying and providing our advice throughout all the processes so that these projects can be fulfilled according to what our clients expect.

Our specialty is working through emotions and dreams to transform the concept of traditional real estate. That is, we focus on valuing the human dimension in every transaction we make. After all, we are aware that behind each property there are stories, dreams and many emotions that deserve respect and to be treated with quality, warmth and closeness. Finally, we also want to focus on another differentiating value, since, thanks to our innovative approach, we can use the latest technologies to enhance the value of the properties that you can sell, rent or buy.