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Apartments and houses for rent

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Making the decision to live in Barcelona is not easy, especially because it has so much to offer, it is so big and its neighborhoods so picturesque, that it is difficult to decide where to settle and start planning for the future. But we can help you find the house of your dreams. Renting a house is an excellent option for those who want to settle down and live in Barcelona city or in one of the provincial towns without the complications of owning a house. It is a direct and much more affordable option, and we have everything you need to accompany you in the process of finding your ideal home to live and enjoy your life project in Barcelona. 


We are the first to understand everything that is behind the decision to look for an apartment to rent in Barcelona: illusion, nerves, uncertainty... everything is mixed and many times it is not easy to distinguish what we should focus on to go ahead with our life project. That is why the help we provide goes far beyond mere real estate advice: we accompany you throughout the process to make your dream come true. We have a wide range of apartments for rent in Barcelona. Where do you see yourself in a few years? Do you enjoy the bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the historic center of Barcelona, or are you someone who enjoys life outside the big cities? Whatever you are looking for, we are sure we can help you. You can count on us both to ask us questions and to explain clearly what you are looking for and adapt the search to what you need.


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Houses, apartments, and plots to rent in Barcelona

Our job is to make your dream of living in Barcelona come true, and through the many homes we have for rent we can achieve it. These are homes that move in a very wide price range, so we can meet any need. We know how important it is not to disappoint you, especially when you put all your illusion in a short and long-term project such as renting an apartment in Barcelona. That is why we build our customer service based on human values: empathy, trust, communication, assertiveness, closeness, familiarity, warmth, understanding. Fundamental aspects that make our treatment the basis on which to build that dream of living in Barcelona renting a house. The same is true for those cases in which homeowners want to rent their apartment with maximum guarantees. Those same values are the ones that build this project. It is your home, the one you have taken care of so carefully for years, and we understand that you do not want to gamble with it and turn to us: we treat each property with absolute care, guaranteeing the best attention to our clients.

In addition, thanks to our home valuation service in Barcelona, we will be able to know the real value of your property so that you do not lose profitability. We know how important this can be for you, and that is why we offer a comprehensive service for the rental of houses, apartments, and all types of homes in Barcelona. We understand the dynamism that moves the rental market and how important it is to provide a good service both for those who place their trust looking for a house to live in for rent and for those who want to put their private home for rent. For us everything is based on trust and communication, on understanding your project and sharing the illusion of reaching your goals together.
With the best equipment available

We have a lot of experience working with local, national and international clients, both from Central and Eastern Europe as well as with clients coming from other places, to whom we also provide an advisory service for obtaining the NIE or visa.

Because details matter a lot. We know that. And that attention to detail is also transferred to the way in which the houses we have available for rent come to your eyes.

For a dream to come true, it is important to visualize it, and there is no better way to achieve it than with all the necessary material to know what each apartment, house or apartment in Barcelona city or in any of the surrounding towns: Castelldefels, Gavà, Sitges or Sant Cugat del Vallés can offer you.

Where you can Find us!

We work in the heart of Barcelona, in Passeig de Gràcia, so we know well how does it feel to live in Barcelona and what is the environment you may be looking for to settle in the near future.

You can count on us for everything you need to make your project come true, whether you want to find the perfect house to live in Barcelona or if you are looking to give a new life to your home and rent it with the best team of professionals.

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